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Augusta County: William Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, May 2, [1861]

William Smiley discusses plowing and related farm activities and the mobilization of area troops.

Thomas M. Smiley

May 2nd


Thomas Dear Son

we received your letter dated 27th April yesterday and was glad to hear you were well we have received three letters Since you got to Harpers Ferry which I Suppose is all you wrote we are all well at home and the people in the neighbourhood So far as I know. I expect to finish Plowing for corn to day we have had but verry little rain Since you left and this week has been verry cold and windy I do not expect to plant before next week tho a good many are done. there is Still great excitement here and more men called out the Rockbridge troop that left when you did were ordered home from Strausburg and Starts out again to morrow for Harpers Ferry and I suppose will be there in a few days Wm Renolds is going as a Subsitute for one of Samuel Pattersons Sons he had joined a volenteer Company at Brownsburg you can tell Samuel that William will be there in a few days without Some change give my complements and good wishes to Hanger "Beards" Renolds Berry Mcluehan and all the Company and may the Lord take care of you all and In whose hand we all are and if we do his will he will take care of us for if the Lord be for us he can be against us Pray much to the Lord and he may yet Save the People and remember your own Soul may God bless you we all Send our love to you

and remain your friend and Father &c

from Wm Smiley

To Thomas M. Smiley

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