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Augusta County: Mary A. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, May 16, 1861

Discusses parents visit to cousins, marriage in neighboring town, and troop mobilization.

Thomas M. Smiley

Thursday May 16th 1861

Dear Brother

I take the present oportunity to write you a few lines we are all well and hope you are enjoying the same blessing good health Aunt Ellen received your letter and came down yesterday she thought we would be anxious if we did not get a letter. you are out of stamps and cant get any Pa got right for you yesterday and I will enclose them in this and send. Pa and ma have gone to Cousin James Berrie's I had intended to go but pa couldnt give up going with his wife I reckon and as I was cut out of going, as clear as a whistle, Pretty time of the year for him to be visiting is it not. Mrs Turk and ma have at last made that long talked of call at Mr Junkins. They spent the day at Mrs Strains and went down a little while in the evening. Maggie Canier was married yesterday morning in the church at Providence and just started for the North to visit her husbands people before leaving America I would have liked to have seen them married very well but of course as I was not one of the invited guests I would not like to go without others were going that were uninvited I have heard that those of your company who did not go or

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got substitutes have been sent for why has that been done it is very strange to me. I think it would have been as well for to let Adam Yago stand and then if the militia is called he may have to go and he will have harder times than if he gone as a volunteer I believe the Brownsburg troop starts to-day for Staunton it is to stay there a day or two I heard Kes Kerr went yesterday and wanted to go as substitute for a Swisher but I hardly think he is going for he did not say any thing about it when we were there Smallwood is going in Sai Strongs place. Last Saturday was big muster day as you call it at Middlebrook pa went down he wanted to see Morgan but he had not got home. Mr Echard had the great misfortune to break down in his bugy with a lady Sunday going to St John's. As I have no news to write I think I had better quit I guess if I would wait till this evening I might have plenty but I want to send today as the mail does down I wrote last week and sent by mail and as the Irishman wrote to his sweethart I want to know wheter you got it and if you didnot I want to know any way. You must write soon and often for remember we are always anxious to hear. Mrs Turk sends her best respects to you & Tish unites with me in sending much love to you our brother, and give my best respects to my acquaintences at Harpers ferry

I remain your affectionate sister

Mary A. Smiley

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