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Augusta County: C. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, [June 1861]

C. Smiley discusses tents and other items being sent to the regiment by the community women. She admonishes her son to accept Jesus Christ and expresses concern over the outbreak of measles in his camp.

Thomas M. Smiley

Sabbath evening

Dear Son

I do not like to write this evening, but as those tents are to go in the morning I will not have time. We have all been at Church to day. Would that you could have enjoyed the Same inestamable blessing But as this cannot be I will tell you for your encouragment their is much fervent Prayre offered up for you and all thos Dear friends who have At their Countryes call taken their lives in their hands and gone out from Among us We received your letter of the 31st this morning Just when we were reddy to go to Church we were very glad to hear from you. We thought if you had left Harpers Ferry we would not hear from you for some time I am very Sorry to hear that the measles are in Camp As it is A very dangerous disorder to be exposed in. I want you to use every precaution and be as careful of yourself as the circumstances in which you are placed will admit of. Some of the Ladyes are making Soldiers Cloakes out of their Piano covers; I have none But will send you one of my Oil cloth table covers; which I want you to Spread down when you have to make your bed on the ground it will keep the dampness from you I want you also to wear it Around you when you have to stand guard when it is raining

Monday morning

Your Father has gone up to Newport to see who is going If Mr Hite

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goes it will be good chance for you to send any thing home that you do not want It would also be a good chanc for us to send [deleted: any] things to you If we knew what you wanted if you need Stockings or any thing send us word that we may have time to prepare it Your Pa will send you some money. I will send you a Round of Beef and would like to send you some cakes; but think they will be old and dry before you could get them. I will send you two Staunton papers you will find a piece in each marked which I waunt you to read. I will put the things in a coarse pocke which you can use for dish-cloths if you need them. And now my Dear Son in closeing I will Admonish you once more to observe Gods Sabbath and all his commandments as strictly as you possibly can in the circumstances in which you are placed. There are many precious promises in his Holy Word to those who do.

Nothing more but I remain your affectionate Mother

C Smiley

I wish you would hurry up your tearm and get home on a furlough I would like very much to see you You must not wait till all the others have been home before you come. At least come against the end of three months Mr Beard has left a bundle and a letter here Mol for John for us to send I will just put the letter in the envelop with yours you can give it to him and make him beleive it is from me

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