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Augusta County: Letitia Berry to Thomas M. Smiley, June 6, 1861

Discusses troop mobilization, women's sewing for the troops, and communities' divisions over the war.

Mr Thomas Smiley Presents Thomas M. Smiley

June 6th 1861

Dear Cousin Thomas

I have just finished a letter to Cousin Jimmie and will endeavor to drop a few lines to you although I fear they will not interest you as I have not much news to communicate to you We are all tolerably well except John he has not gotten entirely well yet has not worked any but one day he gave out and has not tried it again. Your fathers folks were well this morning father saw Cousin Billie in Newport. Capt Curries Company started yesterday I was in Middlebrook when they passed they all looked very lively went to Staunton in wagons, there was about twenty wagons I think. They were very well fixed, the best of any of the comapanies from about here, had their tents, knapsacks canteens and almost every thing necessary for a soldier, the ladies have been sewing for them in Brownsburg for two week about sixty there every days and five sewing machines. We have been sewing for you all this week in middlebrook made 61 pants, your tents started to day I do not know whether the pants went or not. I wish you were here to go in our bible class it is hard I tell but we will have to study the harder we have it in the cession room now severals of the class have gone to the army but it is still increasing have from thirty to thirty five,

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Mr. Junkin is to preach at newport Sunday evening I wish you could be there to hear him. Hugh Beard has come home. got home last saturday; he is a good-deal fleshier than he was when he went away; his mother did'nt know him I believe; but I think he has not changed scarcely at all. He says the Missourians a fighting among themselves about half are for the north & half for the south. The Militia has got orders to hold themselves in readiness They are looking for a call daily. and what will become of the rest of us if they are taken away. There was word came yesterday that the Lincolnites were to be in Lexington last night, & the home guards all gathered up their guns and started up there last evening and when they got as far as Brownsburg they found it was a false report. Well I will stop for I know you will be tired reading this scribbling. Please write soon for we are anxious to hear from you All send their love to you. Give my respects to inquiring friends not excepting yourself.

I remain your Cousin.

Letitia Berry

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