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Augusta County: William Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, June 7, 1861

William Smiley discusses a rumor of battle at Bath, mobilization of local troops, the oat crop, etc.

Thomas M. Smiley

Friday morning June 7th 61

Thomas My Dear Son

I Send you a few lines to let you know that we are all well at present and hope that you may be enjoying the Same blessing with us, we have had fine growing weather this week it has been warm and a lite Shower evry day or night things are now groing very fast wheat in generall looks very well oats is very Short yet. I have Sent you Three Dollars and a half by Captain J.F. Hite. all in quarters and if you Should need more or any thing else at any time do not be afrad to let us know and it will be procured and Sent to you if posable, I want you to keep us as well posted on affairs with you as you can but I am well aware that you do not know neither can know the true State of affairs in Such a Camp as you have at Harpers ferry when you write any thing you know as facts write as facts any thing els as reports or rumors my reasons are these your Letters as anxiously Saught after and read by the hole neighbourhood as ourselves and I want you to Sustain your credit, and if you have at any time any thing of a private nature write on a Seperate piece of paper and Slip in, we have word here of an engagement at Philipa between Some 800 of our men & from thee to five thousand of the North Capt Richards of the Bath Cavalry & five or Six of our men were killed and Sixty or Seventy of Lincolns but we have heard nothing deffinate but probaly Mr A.S. Craig against he leaves tomorrow can give you a more correct account of it and other rumors that are amongst us

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there is a company from Browns Burg David Curry Captain of about Sixty men left here wednesday and leaves Staunton this morning for the Northwestern Co of Va and A Company of Cavalry from Rockingham. I heard yesterday [unclear: Wise ware] expected at Staunton with 700 or 800 men and a good many from Tennessee Probably a Regement more or less to go Northwest Lecher came to Staunton tuesday night left for Richmond Wednesday night again President Davis is at Richmond now

your friends and the neighbours are generally well So for I know when you write again let us know where R.O. Kerr is whose mess he is in we heard he had left your Compny and joined Some other

I now Close by remaining your father &c

Wm Smiley

To Thomas M. Smiley

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