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Augusta County: Lettie R. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, [1862]

Tells stories of neighbors in battle and conditions at the home front since the militia was called up.

Thomas M. Smiley

Dear Brother

I take my seat this morning to write you a few lines. We are all well at present. Ma had the headache sunday and could not go to church I hope you have got better, if you have not got out of the hospital yet you have had a long heat of it. Capt Curry is expected home in a day or two The northerners made him take the oath and let him go. They took several others of the company prisoners. Jim Gordon & a Sweet got more honor in one day there than in there whole life at home. It is said they killed thirty. There was some ammunition give to Sweet to divide among the company but he got behind a tree and used it all himself. when it was done he called for more and when none was to be had he got out from behind the tree shook his fist at them and started to run. The ladies of Brownsburg are sewing for that company. yesterday and to day, The northerners treat the virginia prisoners very well but when they get a holt of the South Carolinians or Georgians they use them up. Since the militia has been called out there is no one but old men and little boys about except a few who has been let off. John Lucas went in his fathers [unclear: place] Harvey Fulton says he will go in

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Bills place, but Bill wont let him. I reckon he is afraid to stay at home. Pa & Jackie Beard are out mowing today. I dont see how farming is to be carried on if the dont more get back than has for the grain has to be got out or the people will starve. Pa has got nearly all of his grain in. Oats will soon be ready to cut. There is to be preaching at Newport Sunday evening, Mr Junkin has not preached there for more than a month The baptists have been turned out of the church up on the hill. He preached Sunday but I have not heard where I heard he was going to stand in at [unclear: Mens] [unclear: don] and preach, so he has a mind to get as close as he can. Baily Reid hung himself the night before the militia started so he has been the second of that family who has hung himself. The printer of the Staunton Spectator has gone so we are entirely out of a paper. Jim Strain is home on a furlough of 20 days to get his harvest in and not the first load was in Sunday as I [illeg.] He has been acting the coward run off got to Staunton they sent him back again and is at home now. I believe the company dont want him. He is ashamed to show himself at church. But I must close now as it is nearly time for the mail to go up. Excuse all bad writing and spelling. Write Soon

I remain as ever your sister

L R Smiley

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