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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to Mary A. Smiley, April 22, 1863

Writing from hospital, states he expects to leave shortly for camp.

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Miss Mary A. Smiley
Moffetts Creek
Augusta Co
Virginia Mary A. Smiley

Wednesday April 22nd 1863

American Hospital

Dear Sister

I will endeavor this evening to write you a few lines to let you know that I expect to start to camp in the morning. I do not feel any better than I did when I left home but the doctor said he thought it might be an advantage to me to go to camp I will not take but one blanket with me as there is no one allowed to have more than one in camp now I will take the white one as it is larger the other I will leave with Amos Troxel and get him to send it up the first chance I will close as I have no news of importance to write excuse this piece of dirty paper & when you write direct to the company

Write Soon nothing more but remain your brother

Thomas M Smiley

I would have writen by monday mail but did not know that I would go away so soon

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