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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to Ellen Martin, July 18, [1863]

Discusses the care of wounded in hospitals and by the local civilian population. Comments on fortifications in anticipation of battle and compare mililtia versus volunteers.

Ellen Martin

July 18th


Dear Aunt

Miss Ellen Martin
Moffetts Creek
Augusta Co

I take my pencil in hand this morning to write you a few lines to let you know how I am I am still in the hospital but expect to go to camp to day or tomorrow. there is four others of our company in this place J.B. McCutchen John Wade George Baylor and James Snyder but they will all get out soon. John McKemy C Baylor and Almarine Gay are also sick and in private houses. The people of Winchester are very kind to the sick and wounded soldiers visiting them and giving them books and tracts to read in order to pass the long and weary

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hours pleasantly away. We are very well waited on in this hospital the rooms are kept nice and clean We have cots to lay on three placed in every room some of the large rooms have more The Doctor says there is 175 sick at this hospital but they are generaly getting better. There has been one death here since I came A Mr Walker from Georgia he died of fever the only case that has been here John Beard arrived here tuesday morning and give an account of how things were going on in Augusta he said the militia had been ordered out every man of them some of them wer disposed to make fun when we left saying that we missed it

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when we Joined a volunteer company but I guess it will come home to them now as the volunteers have easy times to what the militia have The militia here are employed in throwing up breastworks and planting cannon while the volunteers are laying in their tents and drilling occasionally. We were looking for a battle to come off before this but it has not come off yet but a battle is expected before long as the enemy are encamped only about 12 mile from us should they see fit to attack us on that side we will be able to give them a merry reception. But I must bring my scrawl to a close as I am too nervous to write

give my love to all the family and enquiring friends and receive a large Share for yourself

T. M. Smiley

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