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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to Mary A. Smiley, August 23, [1863]

Discusses improving health within the company, troop buildup, possible movement towards Fairfax Courthouse, and prices within the camp.

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Miss Mary A Smiley
Moffetts Creek
Augusta Co Va Mary A. Smiley

August 23rd

Camp Harmon

Dear Sister

I seat myself this morning to write you a few lines for the purpose of informing you that I am well and that camp life has agreed with me very well since my long absence there is but very little sickness in our company now A S Craig is sick with the fever he is very bad it was thought that he would not live but he has gotten better now Jim Payne is sick also but nothing more than weakness. we are camped in a very prety place now good water and plenty to eat the water is about a half mile away. I do not know how long we may stay as there is some stir in camp this morning some report that the enemy are advancing but I think that there is nothing of it We may possibly have to move nearer to the enemy toward Fairfax Court house but not for a few days yet. Beaureguard has in his army about 120,000 men or at least there is rations drawn for that many it will take a great deal to feed them at the rate we are fed

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Our company is gaining in numbers rapidly now 4 recruits having come before i got here by name Buchanan Golady Wright and James Beard a cousin of Jacky Beard there was six come two days ago two Bartly's two lotts's Palmer and lucus they seem to like the life prety well David Clemmer came here last night on a visit and brought a lot of eatables as far as the Junction he says there is a package there for me Vegatables is chiefly what he brought. roasting ears are selling here at 30 cts per dozen milk 5 cts a quart butter 25 cts per pound honey 50 cts a pound Soda $2.00 a pound and last of all Whiskey is selling at two dollars a pint making a gallon come to 16 dollars. let me know whether my money has come to hand yet or not as the captain thinks word ought to be here by this time. We have some great times making bread yesterday was my cook day I got through prety well Sam Beard is making Bread now while I am writing we get prety good Bread considering who has it to make but I must close as I have not much news to communicate

nothing more but remain as ever your brother

Thomas M. Smiley

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