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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to His Aunt, August 28, [1863]

Thomas M. Smiley discusses camp life activities.

August 28th

Camp Stonewall Brigade

Dear Aunt

As I have a good opportunity of sending a letter by Lieut Wright who is going home on furlough I will improve it by writing you a few lines to let you know that I am well & hope you all may be enjoying the same kind blessing I have not much news to write except that every thing is quiet

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We are in camp yet at the same place we have been since the first of August. The Seasons has been good here plenty of rain to keep the ground in good order. The last few nights have been very cool almost cold enough for frost.

Yest day passed off very well here we had no drills. nothing at all was done but what was nescessary Reverend Mr See preached in the morning & Mr Hopkins in the evening We expect to get Mr See for chaplain in

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our regiment as he is almost universaly wished for by the men,

Every thing wears a more cheerful look now than when we came to this side of the mountain. Our army is filling up rapidly We have over fifty men in our company which is more than we had when we started to Pennsylvania. Every body is in good spirits they think that should Gen [unclear: ] Meade advance we will be enough for him although he had the best of us in the battle of Gettysburg

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I send by Lieut Wright an Over shirt and pair of drawers and a book which he has promised to leave at your house or Uncle James's As he is nearly ready to start I must close by asking you to write soon & excuse this short letter Give my love to Aunt Ann Uncle James's Family and all other enquiring friends.

Nothing more but remain your affectionate nephew.

Thomas M. Smiley

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