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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to His Aunt, December 8, 1863

Discusses break in the skirmishing with Union troops and the death of soldier from home. Thanks Aunts for package from home.

Dec 8th /63

Camp Stonewall Brigade

Dear Aunt

I take my pen in hand this evening to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope when these few lines come to hand they may find you all enjoying the same blessing. I have nothing of importance to write. The enemy appears to be quiet although we may be at any time disturbed by the heavy sound of Artillery, and clash of small arms. In our late battle we lost one of our best members. Corporal Samuel Lucas. he was shot in the mouth and killed instantly; at the time he was struck he was laughing, had his mouth open the ball entered without cutting his lips and ranged upwards

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We are now looking for his friends to come after his body which was buried as decently as circumstances would admit of. I take this method of thanking you and Aunt Anna for your kindness in sending me the Central Presbyterian, and the eatables you have sent from time to time. I have no way to repay you for your kindness except by reading the Papers, and observing the good advice contained in them which I try to do to the best of my ability. The papers are welcomed by a good many in the company they ask for them even before I can read them myself as soon as I read them I give them to others and it goes through the greater part of the company. But as I have not much more writing space left I will close by asking you to give my love to all enquiring friends and a large share to yourself & Aunt Anne.

Nothing more but remain as ever your affectionate nephew

Thomas M. Smiley

N.B. (Please Write soon)

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