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Augusta County: A. V. L. Miller to Wright and Smiley, June 3, 1864

In this letter, A.V.L. Miller informs his friends that he is sending them some money and a package. In addition, he asks that they write him with news from home.

Messers Wright & Smiley

June 3. 1864


Dear Friends

Your letter was received but a few hours since & it afforded me great pleasure to hear from you [unclear: I] will most cheerfully afford you any [unclear: assistance] in my power providing military authority does not object

I enclose a draft of $10.00 (five for each) on Philadelphia bank which you can get cashed. I hope this small amount may be of service to you. I will also make up a box of some little comforts & send you, if you will inform me if it will be allowable.

We heard that a cousin of Mr Miller's a Mr Ott, of Woodstock, was also at the Fort. Would be glad to hear from him also. Write me immediately on reception of this

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Any thing will be of interest in the way of news from my old home Do not hesitate in making known to me what your wants are

Very truly your friend

AVL Miller

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