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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to Sister, April 12, 1863

In this letter to his sister, Thomas M. Smiley discusses his illness, his inability to visit at home, and the Army of Virginia's mobilization efforts and search for deserters.

Apr 12th 1863

Hospital Division No 2 Staunton

Dear Sister

I will endeavor this evening to write you a few lines to let you know that I am still in Staunton and will probably be here for a week or two yet as the Doctor told me this morning that I might not get well enough for service until the weather got warmer
I would have tried to get home again when I came here But the Ward Master told me that there was no use to try as the Surgeon had Just received orders to grant no more leaves of absence. I have seen Dr Baldwin since: he spoke very kindly to me and asked if my trip home had done me any good; I told him it had, Well he says I am glad of it. but cant let you go back again. I have a very good room to stay in the same one I was in when Pa was down I seen Davy Hanger since I came back he has gone along with part of his detail and a couple of companys from Staunton to the South mountain to gather up some deserters they have not all come back yet But some of them have come back bringing with

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them five or six of the deserters I did not learn the names of any of them but understood that one of them was a preachers son who I suppose was a Rankin. There was two regiments came up yesterday on the cars the twenty fifth & thirty first Virginia they are on their way to join Imbodens command I seen Captain Stuart he says every thing is quiet at Fredericsburg our men are Still in the same [unclear: old] camp.

But it is getting dark and I will close by Remaining your Brother

TM. Smiley

If you write Direct to General Hospital Number two
Ward B

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