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Augusta County: Emily Hull to Thomas M. Smiley, October 31, 1864

In this letter to Thomas M. Smiley, Emily Hull discusses a recent robbery of her home and questions Thomas on the reality of camp life.

Oct the 31st 1864

Boon Co.Mo.

Friend Thomas,

I received you letter and was glad to hear[deleted: e] you were doing very well. I hope the others are well also. Since I last wrote to you, we have had some trouble. It appears to me like the world is full of trouble and we have to shear a great portion of it. But I know there are others who have to bear more than we do. Last Friday night we were all fast asleep when a loud noise at the door awoke us. We got up as quick as we could and opened the door when in came four robbers. Oh! how it made our hearts beat when they threatened to kill Sam and burn the house if we did not give up all our money. Maggie Sam's wife had the purss. She gave it to them. I never in all my life heard such oaths. We gave them all we had. Darthula & Mary are teaching. [unclear: Mat is going to May.] Do you get any thing from home excepe letters. How are the others boy doing for money or clothes? Tell them to let me know theire Situation.

My love to you all.

Emily Hull

How much do they allow you to write at one time? We do not hear from Va. Tell me the news from home

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