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Augusta County: Emily Hull to Thomas M. Smiley, January 14, 1865

In this letter Emily Hull describes life on the home front and discusses a book which suggests that the war is the beginning of the millenium and that the "Anti-Christ" will arise to reign either during or after the conflict.

Sergt Thomas M Smiley
Company "D" 5th Regt Va Infantry
Stonewall Brigade
Prisoner of War 1st Division
Fort Delaware
Care of Capt G W Ahl A.A.A.G.

January the 14th 1865

Boon Co.Mo.

Dear Friend

I was glad to hear from you again, I was afraid we would be deprived of hearing from our friends but we still have the pleasure. Brother Sam has taken his family to the north some where, we have not heard from him since he left. Frank is living in the neighborhood, though none of us live like we use to do, you would not know us, our room serves us for a parlor, kitchen & hall. Though we are contented, or at least try to be. There is some talk of this war being the beginning

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of the Millinnium. There is a book which Speaks very strongly of it. And has bible reference to prove every thing it says. If I had the book I would send it to you. They say there is "false christ" to arise and they think that Louis Napoleon is the antichrist, that he will [unclear: conquer] all nations and reign three years, then Christ will reign one thousand years. We have company and cannot write so I must close

I remain as ever Your Friend


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