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Augusta County: Mattie E. Hull to Thomas M. Smiley, February 3, 1865

In this letter to Thomas M. Smiley, Mattie Hull discusses family and events at home and in Virginia.

Feb the 3/65

Columbia Mo

Mr Smiley,

Excuse me for taking the liberty of answering your letter which we recieved this evening. Emma is not at home now and will not be for two or three weeks, she has gone back to [illeg.] our old home in Johnson Co. she has been gone about a week she will write when she returns. We heard from Hugh and the boys at Camp Chase a day or two ago they were well and in fine spirits Do you know any thing a bout Jimmie Beard he is in prison some wher I do not know where I think they came very near taking all the [deleted: Va] Virginians that time, but I hope they will be so kind as to release you all before long. Oh I.

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want to see Mary and Tishie so bad I dreamed the other night that I saw Mary I thought she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw, I suppose the little boys and girls that I used to know in Va. have grown to be men and women I would like to see them so much If you ever write to Mary and Tishie tell them I am almost as large as Miss Lizzie Echard, Hugh used to laugh at me so much about being so large. If you are needing any thing, money or clothing, [deleted: we] let us know and we will try and get them for you and if any of the boys who are with you need any thing we will help them also. When you are released (and I hope our President will be so kind as to do that soon) you must write and let us know. Well I must close the candle gives very poor light

Write soon to Your friend

Mattie E Hull.

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P.S. I dont know whether this is directed right or not, Dr Jones is dead, he died in [deleted: ro] Roch Port. perhaps his family is there, yet.

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