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Augusta County: C. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, [1861]

In this letter to her son Thomas, C. Smiley writes of Thomas' recent illness and the increasing interest in religion displayed among neighbors. In addition, she implores him to connect himself with the church and trust in God.

Saturday morning

Dear Son

As John Beard starts back this morning to join your company I will endeavor to write a few lines to you. We are all in our usual health We have had a great deal of anxiety about you for the last eight or ten days past It is about three weeks since the last letter we got was written June 23 I thought you were certainly Sick. We tried to find out but you were not named in any of the letters that came into this neighbourhood And it was not till day befour yesterday that we heard you had the measles, and then through letters written to persons four or five miles distant. I want to send you a piece of Cheese and a few cakes if John can take them. We will also send you three dollars Gold and silver And now I will say in conclusion if you wish to come home and your friends think you ought to come Mr Steele has gone down

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and I think will take charge of bringing you home if you want to come. If you do not come I want you to send a particular acount of your case and situation. And now I will close hoping and praying that your health and strength may be restored and that you may use it in Gods service

Nothing more But remain your affectionate mother

C Smiley

Sabbath evening July 14
Dear Son
As John did not start yesterday as was expected I will endeavour to write you a few lines this evening I heard today that Mr Bowman got a letter from Will Arehart yesterday stating that you Wade and himself were still in the Hospital but thought you would soon be able to join the Army We had the Rev Mr Penie of North Carolina with us today he preached a very excellent sermon and was very fervent in prayer for the soldiers he also has sons in army There appears a little wakening up in the Church on our last Communion there was some 12 or 13 persons joined the church some on certificate and this day there was two persons received into the church who did not wait for a communion season John W Beard and James B Berry & now my dear son I hope ere this you have accepted of Jesus Christ in all his offices as your prophet priest and King and that you also will connect your self with the Church
Your Mother

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