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Augusta County: Annie R. Berry to Thomas M. Smiley, [1861]

In this letter Annie R. Berry voices her opinion that everyone capable needs to fight against the United States and sends her love to Thomas and several friends within his company.

Saturday Morn

At Home

Cousin Thomas

As you have never written a line to me since you have been gone I will not have you say I have never sent you a line How are you now? I hope if you have had the measles you have recovered by this time You will pleas present my very best respects, regrards and love to Mr W.B. Olt. J. Lightner and J Inddarth with many good wishes for them and yourself too I am sorry to see John Beard leave this morning; but "tis time for every one to [unclear: be] up and doing and try and kill or drive those rebels back that are now invading

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our soil I have nothing of importance to write as [unclear: Han ] has told you all the news. Give my love to Cousin Jimmie McCutchan and reserve a very lare portion for your own dear self. Plea write to me whenever you can.

From your attached Cousin

Annie R. Berry

T. M. Smiley
Kindness of Ms Hanger

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