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Augusta County: N. J. Hull to Mr. Smiley, April 18, 1867

In this letter N. J. Hull discusses his financial situation and the high costs of buying farming supplies. In addition, he asks Mr. Smiley to give him money so that he can maintain his farm and become successful in his occupation.

Mr Smiley

April the 18, 1867.

Johnson Co.Mo.

Dear Sir,

I have been tossed to and fro, here and there, until I have lost all I had, and necessity compels me to ask you for money let the amount be great or small, I am on my own farm again, but I have no plow, no cow, hog, sheep or any thing, but just the farm, and no person but Calvin to do any thing on the farm, and you know he is young and an inexperience hand, but if I could get started to live again I think he can make a living. If you can possibly send me some money just what you can let me have, it will be doing me agreat favor, for I never truly knew what it was to want before. Every thing in the produce line is very high

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corn $8,00 per [illeg.] flour $8.00 per hundred potatoes $1.50 to $6.00 per bushel, bacon is cheaper now than it has been, it is rating from .14 to .16, cent per pound. I would like for you to write soon if you please, Remembre me kindly to your family. I remain as ever

Your Friend

N.J. Hull.

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Johnson Co.

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