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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, November 9, 1864

Dull writes about life in the camps.

Nov. 9th1864

Camp near New market

Dear Giney

I recievd your letter this morning mailed the 7th glad was I to heare from you it was the first word that I have heard from home Since I left was glad to heare you was well and hope when this comes to hand you may stil engoy the same blessing through the blessing of our Heavenly father I am well and geting along as well as I could exspect wee are still in camp all quiet. moveed camp yesterday three miles this side of New market are now Camped in the woods in site of the valey road how long wee will stay heare I do not now this is a veary [illeg.] are very good quarters to stay in do not [unclear: bee ] uneasey about me trusting in our heavenly fathers blessing continualy trusting in his care I hope to get a long. I was mutch pleased at the Spirit of your letter continue to do as you have sed and God give us all grace and knowlage from on high to do his holy will. I am trying to live wright but O I ned a grate eal of grace from on high. Dear Giney I hope to met you on earth again. bu if it is not our heavenly fathers will I want to meet in heaven, wee have a Chaplin in our Regt. hoalds meeting evrey night appears to bee a veary good man

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I must stop for the present to attend to inspection of arms. Well inspection is over I will try to finish wee hid good Band musick but O it has no charms for me I like to heare the Band play hymns they play hymns on Sunday Oald hundred [unclear: godse] very well, tell Pa to right to me I want to hear from him I will try to right to him in a short time the goverment is husking all the corn in the field in fact it is all gon in Buckingham and Shanadoah counties now Augusta may look out next. In regard to my over coat I do not want it yet it will bee to heavy to cary I get along very well with out it if I finde i ned it will let you now. there has bin Some provisions [illeg.] camp this week our company got a Barrel of appels to day they came to a man by the name of McCormick there is plenty of chestnuts in camp at four Dollars a quart oald man Plunket is heare now with several Barls they go of rappedly well Giney I must close for this time

right me son tell me whats is going on at home may the Lord protect us provide for us and save us all in heaven is my prayre.

as ever yours &c

Jno P. Dull

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