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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, November 20, 1864

Dull thanks his wife for sending butter and bread to camp, but asks for a written letter as well.

Nov 20th 1864

Camp Near New market

Dear Giney

It is with pleasher that I take this opportunity to drop you a fiew lines to let you now how I am at this time thank the Lord I engoy good health have bin well ever since left home except a couald I have had right bad couald for some time other ways I have bin harty hoping this may find you all well. I hoped to have gotten a letter from you before now but have not I rote you the ninth of this month Suppose you did not get it Since that time wee have had a hard march down the valey wee ware near winchester expected to have a fight but it turned out other wise wee are now in Camp wheare we was when I last rote my feet became veary sore on the march but are now well again, this is raney wet wether heare this is the Sabbeth day things ar quite still heare today. and now Dear Giney I will tell you that I was quite surprised yesterday I walked out from Camp a fue hundred yards about the middle of the day came back and what did I See why our oald blue [unclear: Box] ssitting on the wood pile this was veary unexpected to me. but with a grateful hart I recievd it [unclear: and now] I return you my grateful thanks for your cindness it came in good time for I was hungray

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I invited Several of my Company to eat with me they sed that the woman that made that Butter and Bread nowed how to do it You have no idea how such things are apprishiated in camp the men found that I had butter they would hav take all I had in a short time if I would have let them You sent more butter than I thought I coud use so I Spared one of the role. Soald two pound of it and loaned the res out thought it would come good some time. I let the men have it at 7 Dollars per pound it was seling att ten Dollars in camp but I thout it was to mutch for Souldiers to pay I found my over Coat all right I had ritten you not to send it for a while but supose you did not get it in time since it is hear I will ceep it it is very good in camp but not on the march because it is heavy to cary. I looked in evrey pocet for a letter but could not find eney Miller toald me that there was some potatoes at Summerdeen for me but he had so mutch load he coud not hall them, I am very gla to get as mutch as I did hoping to hear from you soon I will close my Prayr is that the Lord will bless you and take care of you all and save us all in heaven at last

as your ever affectionate

Jno P. Dull

I send Box by the wagon [illeg.] crock is in Clemmers Bose

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