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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, December 12, 1864

Dull writes of his troubles returning from home back to camp, and the new position of his company.

Decb 12th 1864

Dear Giney

This morning finds me alive and tolerable well I have had the diareah for a day or tow think I am geting better well Giney I Suppose you now not what has become of me well wee are in what is called Dinwidey County about 10 miles to the right of Petersburg about thirty miles from Ritchmond the railroad runs a crows from Ritchmond to Petersburg wee ar 8 or ten miles from the railroad wee have bin on picket nearly all the time since wee came heare was relievd yesterday evening are today an quarters there is plen of cabins heare we occuby cabins that other troops built and ware then ordered away father to the right of the lines there was some fiting on the right of the line Day before yesterday it is sed the yankeysware drove back. this is a vearycoald day heare there is some snow on the ground

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Well Giney I am now in a part of the wourld I never was before it dos not look like home. the night that I left home and came to wanesburo my regiment ware gon they left the same night they got theare so I had to wait for the next train witch did not start till the next night if I had nown it I would stayed at home that night that I was there. never got to my company till I got to camp there was nothing sed about it the men sed all they blamed me for was that I did not stay long anought. well I must stop for this time hoping this may find you alive and well have not had eney mail since wee came heare supp will soon I will right soon a gain Remember me at a thronof grace.

as ever your affectionate husband

J. P. Dull

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