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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, January 11, 1865

Dull explains to Giney that they have more than enough food in camp.

Jan 14th 1865

Camp Ewell

Dear Giney

I take this opportunity to rite you a line to let you now that I am tolerable well at this time hope this may find you engoying good health. This is the Sabbath Day and it is veary coald weather heare and I suppose it is still coalder in agusta. Well Giney I recievd your letter yesterday eve ritton the 7 and aulthough I mailed one for you the otheer day I thought would rite a gain I now how it is with me I would rather get too letters a week than nearaone think it is so with you. I was glad to hear that you ware well when you rote but sory to hear that Pas health is so bad, you sed you had hung your meet and wished I had some of it [unclear: you] need not bee uneasy about that wee have plenty to eat at this time. have had meet hanging in our cabin ever since our first boxes came to us

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I boiled that ham you sent me the other day it is fine, wee have three or four peases hanging up now in the top of our cabin besides wee got three fresh boxes yesterday eve so that wee as mutch provisions as wee can make use of for some time James Snider got a barrel of provisions Sent by his Girl Miss Holse near middlebrok. Tomas Beard got a box from home Wilson Cale got a box wee have taken a nother mess mate in our mess Cosen George Cook he wanted to goin us an wee have taken him in so there is six of us now Swartzel Beard Cale Snyder Cook and myself and wee are all riting at this time but Snyder he is sleeping, he dose his shear of it that is riting to his Girl, you wished you could send me something by Swartzel I am glad you did not do it because we do not need eney thing to eatwee are living better than meny people are at home if I find wee need thing I will let you now it is no use

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have so mutch a head not noing how long wee may stay heare, we hav cabbitch potatoes Beans dried apples green apples flour meel pies cheas Bread cakes Sausage dried Beef chickon dried chearies cheary gam molasos onions and evrey thing that house ceepers generaley have excep wimon an children, wee have baked some raised bread it dos veary well some times wee bake buiscets they go prety well, have bin talking about going to Petersburg to sell some of our butter as we have more than we want or can use for some time to come you stated that theare is grate talk of pease in augusta I think it will all end in talk for this time from all that I can learn I see no sine of pease unless the South gives up the war that they will not do as long as they can ceep an army it is no use for us to build our hopes [illeg.] peasat this time so far as I can see [illeg.]

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aulthough I wish for it as mutch as eney body still I see no hopes for it both parties seem determin to conqer the other, the onely consolation I have is that it will onely do what it is intended to do so wee will have to submit to it. and the more wee cand submit to it the easearer it will go with us though some times it seems to go hard still it is our duty to bear it as well as wee can, trusting to a higher pour than eney earthly for our help

Well Giney I must stop for this time Wilson is not don righting yet him and Sarah do lots of righting to each other

Tell Nely to try and raise her pigs for her meet a nother year if you all [unclear: live], ciss her for me.

So nothing more but remain your affectionate husband

Jno P. Dull

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