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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, January 14, 1865

Dull writes that he has become sick and tries to cheer Giney as she has begun to lose hope in the cause.

Camp Ewell

January 14th 1865

Dear Giney

I is with pleashure I take this opportunity to let you now that I am still on the land of the liveing thought I am not as well as I have bin in my [deleted: ] time yet have grate reson to bee thankfull that I am no wors I am still able to nock around do not suffer from pain but am sill week but not so mutch so as I was a week ago think if nothing happens I will get better soon I wayed myself yesterday found that I have lost twenty four pounds since comeing over on this side of the mountain I have not bin doing eney duty for some time but what I pleas to do and that is not mutch do not intend to untill I get stronger Dear Giney I recievd your letter by the hands of Runkel was truly glad to from you as I awlways am and allthough

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you thought [deleted: you thought] you ware riteing so mutch yet it was interesting to me though was sorry to heare you ware so mutch out of hart now Giney I will gust give you the same advise you gave me a short time since come chere up and trust to the Lord for the better though things look glo[unclear: omy] evrey where the Lord can and I firmley believe will bring all things about for the best. though things seem to go hard heare it is our lot and it becomes us to endever to submit to it trusting in him for the ishue this is a fleeting world at bes prehaps we have bin too mutch attacthed to it this is intended to show us how transitory it is Oh that the people would look at it as they should, well Giney I do think thing must take a change before long one way or the other how it will bee I no not but it is thought this war cannot last mutch longer the Lord send that it may not

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well this is the sabbath morning I will try to rite a little more now will Say something about my Barrel of provishions it came to camp yesterday evening safe and sound the reason it did not get heare sooner it was delayed at the railroad station because wee could not get a Team to bring them to camp but it was all right when it came there was nothing ingured in it atall and a better Barrel of provishion dos not ofton come to this part of the country and now I wish to send you my gratefull thanks for your kindeness and for the labour and trouble you had with it, our mess is [unclear: but] pretty well supplied with provishions at this time evrey member in it has gotton a box in the last ten days wee have evrey thing in the way of eating tha eney body ought to have, I recievd the money you sent me

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tell Nealey that I am mutch obliged to her for those hickrey nuts she sent me. Theare is no news heare tha is of eney importance so I must soon stop for this time hopeing this may find you engoying health and streanth and all [illeg.] blessings trusting in the Lord for his care and blessings to wach over us all and bring us together in Heaven is my prare

Harrison Swartzel expects to be home this week on a furlow he dose not now wheather he will get up in our nabourhood or not if you wis to see him on buisness you can see him by going to his house,

so nothing more but remain yours

Jno P Dull

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