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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, March 21, 1865

Dull describes the new camp in close contact with the Yankees.

Mar 21st. 1865

Dinwidey Co Va

Dear Giney

I take this opportunity to drop you a line to let you now how and wheare I am through the blessing of a cind providence I am in the enjoyment of tolerable health at this time hoping if this reaches you it may find you engoying the same blessing. I have not heard from you for some time oing to circumstances over witch wee have no controle though I hope it will not continue so long this note I expect to send by hand to [illeg.] do not now wether you will get it or not but I thought would try it thinking you would like to heare from heare I have heard from the nabourhood of Swoops since the raid, from what I can learn you have not suffered this time theogh I have not heard the peticulars

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Well Giney Since last righting to you wee have left our oald camp moved more to the left of the line wee are now in the regular brestworks a little to the [deleted: right] left of Petersburg 8 or 10 miles from whare wee [illeg.] before it is about 2 miles from heare to Petersburg. this is a better country around heare than wheare wee ware before but our quarters are not so good as they ware this is what they call living in the ground our Pickets are in talking distance with the Yanks some times they traid [illeg.] for Tobacco, they call us Joney rebs sometimes they say come over Joney and get some coffey wee can see all thire works and men can see the cars runing Well Giney I do not now how I may like the change but think it no worse it is likely wee may stay heare a while, rite to me whenever you can

So I close by remain yours [illeg.]

J.P. Dull

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