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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, February 20, 1865

Dull comments on life in camp.

Feb 20th 1865

Camp Ewell

Dear Giney

I haston to ansure yours witch came to hand this evening I was glad to hear from you as I always am glad to hear that you ware engoying health for that [illeg.] the greatest blessing wee can engoy heare for witch wee are ofton too forgetful to thank him from home wee recive evrey blessing, I thank God that I am as well as I am my health is about like it has bin for some time the most I suffer is from weekness my appotite is good enouf I have bin working a little today wee are building brest works wee do not work veary hard perticularly myself I now how to play of on them pretty well. So I do not do mutch, well I have gust finished eating diner had beens and bacon for diner today, beens are

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Something that are very useful in camp it takes less bread when wee have them, wee had some today like those white beens you have, George Cook got them in his box they ar the best been I ever [unclear: at ] if you have eney then [illeg.] you send me eney thing send some of them if you wish you can send eney time if you can get it to staunton there is a regular Agent to tend to it he comes through evrey week though I donot want you to have to go to Staunton a purpos for one box if you have a chance to send it with some body that is going send it to Bell,s office or if you chuse send with Baylor if he comes but donot do it if it dos not sute you the reson I say so is because I now what a truble it is, the best things you can send is flour Potatoes beens and a little meet

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Well Giney this is a butiful day heare the sun shines so plesent I makes me feel like plowing but there is no use talking, it looks like as if that sort of buisness must bee given up for something elce. Well I must tell you that I had the pleashure of hearing the Rev. Mr Junkins preach yesterday he is heare on a visit he is the preacher at New Providence Church preached a good surmon heare yesterday he is a smart man, I would like to see Mr Shirey heare and heare him preach I think he mite visit this camp and preach a fiew times for us there is more people heare to preach to than there is at home but I am sorry to say meney of them are very careless about such things it seems as if God is not in all there thoughts

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Giney you wished me to have a testament that is some thing that I have wished for ever since I have bin in the army and I must tell you that since I commenced righting I have gotton a bran new one [illeg.] have bin riteing the Caplin of our Regt sent me one for witch I thank him kindely. I shall read the chapter you recomend before I close my eyes if nothing happens, well Giney I must soon stop for the present hopeing this may find you all well praying the lord to take care of us all, rite soon the next time you rite enclose ten Dollars in the letter if you have it to spare as I have loned some of the boys some money and may need some before they are payed of

so nothing more but remain your affectionate


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