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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, February 27, 1865

Dull discusses his health and the possible transition of his company to mounted cavalry.

Feb 27th 1865

Camp Ewell

Dear Giney

I take this opportunity to drop you a line to let you now that I am well [illeg.] [unclear: usual] I recievd yours mailed [illeg.] [illeg.] hear that you ware well and hope this may find you still engoy the same blessing my health has improved since I last rote you, the Doctor has never told me what he thought was the matter with me I believe it was all caused by the diarieah. Dear Giney I have no nuse to rite you today wee have had orders to send of our extry bagage I did not send eney thing but the Gug that you sent with molasos in if it is not los it will come to Wm Dunlaps wee may have to move from heare soon and wee may not there is no telling how it may bee.

I was told this morning that Baylor will bee heare this evening with a box for me this I did not expect if he gets heare before the mail leavs I [illeg.] [unclear: tell] you all about it if it [illeg.] [illeg.] hope wee may not move [unclear: before] wee can use it. if wee do I will sell it out the best I can.

there is talk of this Brigade being turned to cavelry by the request of the men I do not now how it will bee yet the papers have bin sent up to General Lee. General Gordon has bin assigned to command of the valey he wants us mounted and assigned to his command. I am afraid this will fail but wish it may not if I must fight I would rather fight in the valey than eney wheare elce espeshley if they let us ride the men have[illeg.] to [unclear: move] [illeg.]

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that is the most of them will furnish their one horses for my part I would as leaf my horse would carry me as to be left exposed to bee stolen at home. if it should turn out as they talk I [unclear: will] let you know as soon as I am shure of it. I must stop for the present will wait to see if Baylor comes this evening Well I must finish my letter for the mail Baylor has not come yet I will right soon a gain and let you now about the box Tell Nealy I am mutch obbliged to hear for her letter will ansure it soon will direct this as you wish but think it will take a day or two longer before you get it though I may bee mistaken you must excuse me for not rightin more this time will try and do better next [unclear: time]

Well Baylor has come he came last night he brout two letters for me one from you and one from Pa the boxes have not come from the railroad yet suppose they will be in today well Giney I [unclear: must] stop for this time or miss the mail

so nothing more but
Remain your affectionate
husband till death

Jno P. Dull

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