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Augusta County: Mollie Houser to James Houser, November 2, 1863

Mollie expresses her love for her cousin and her dissapointment at not hearing from him for so long.

Nov the 2 1863

Augusta CoVa

Dear James

it is with my hearts pleisure I seat my self once more to answer your most kind & affectionate letter which found me in good health with the exception of a bad Cold I thought you had gotten killed or forgotten the name of the post office or something else had taken place when you didnt write for so long I thought prehapse you had gotten tired of your correspondence with me I will have to excuse you as you were at home with your [unclear: duck] James I feel very sorry to think you are so much troubled about your Pa prehapse you are Just out of humor with him as I am with mine when he wont let me have my way you stated in your letter that you didnot enjoy yourself as you expected for thinking of me I dont expect you thought of me half as often as I did of you & I could neither see you nor hear from you James we have been very bisy making molasses for some time I Just wish you Could have been here we had a taffy stewing one nite they was a Couple of our soldiers [deleted: boys at] home & some of the neighbours Came in & we had a fine time boililing molasses & [unclear: stewing] taffy I got a letter from brother William the other day he expects to get home about Christmas & if he does I want you to try & be here if you Can & we will try & have a party & taffy stewing bring your Cousin along I want to see him Hil got a letter from him the other day & you never saw a girl worse greened in your life she wanted to see mine & I would not let her see it & she tormented me almost to death when she got hers but I never let on you must give my love to Cousin Monroe & receive a due portion yourself Cousin Jim if I had an opportunity I would send you something good to eat but I dont suppose I will have a chance soon well Jim I havent anything that would interest you at this time you must write often when you are in Camp I think it long to hear from you James you must send me your Portrate I've almost forgotten what you look like it has been so long since I saw you prehapse it will get lost if you would well I must Close asking you to excuse bad writing & spelling & look over all mistakes

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Nothing more at present but remain your ever affectionate & Loving Cousin until death

So Good Nite

From M M C Houser

PS Please rite soon again &c J H Houser

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