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Augusta County: Mary Lamon to Cynthia Long, April 14, 1867

In this letter to Cynthia Long, Mary Lamon describes recent church activities and discusses her beau's recent actions.

April 14th 1867

Mt Clinton

My Dear friend

Mary Lamon It is with great plesure that I seat my self this plesent evening to in form you that I am well at the present time and hoping when thes few lines comes to hand tha ma find you enjoying the same state of blessing in the first place I will in form you that I received your kind amd much respected letter and was glad to hear from you and also wod be very glad to see you to

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face and taulk with you in stid of writing I then coud tell you more then I can write to you in a mounth if we cant not be togeter we will enjoying hour self in writing to one an other it is truly a great blessing that we can enjoy by writing to one a another

Dear Cynthia this is the sabbath and the anniversary of the happiest day of my life. I and

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Sem is all right. We all had a very good singing at stony point too weekes a go and thar will be singing in four weeks from then a gian, hoping you will come down and go with me to singing. the last time Sem was down and went with me. and last Sunday I was at preaching at the bank and Sem was so kind to me and brougth me home I

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[unclear: ent] he kind to me. round is the ring that has no end so is my love to you and Sem. give my love to Mary and tell her that I would like to see her. I think I must bring my imperfect letter to a close by asking you to excuse all mistake so no more at present.

pleas write soon and dont delay

Mary A. Lahman

to Cynthia Long

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