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Augusta County: W. H. H. Frenger to Marguerite E. Williams, July 16, 1863

Frenger longs to receive a letter, and catches us on news from home.

July 16th/63

(I am Still printing)

Wm H.H. Frenger
Spectator Office
Spectator Office, Staunton Va

Dear Cousin Maggie:-

I will try my luck in writing to you this time, and I am almost certain that I will meet with success. I want to hear from my many friends in Frederick- how they are getting along- what they are doing, &c., I have written several letters to my Frederick friends since the Yanks left, but have not received even a line from them. not even sister Becky has thought it worth while to write. And I now hope you will do me the kind favor to answer this by return mail, and tell me how & what you are all doing, &c, I heard that Becky was married; but am still at a loss to know if it is true. Please excuse this short letter, as my candle is almost gone. We are all well, & hope this may find you the same. Give my love to Uncle James & Lizzie, your Ma, and all the rest. & reserve a good portion for yourself. I will try & give you a long letter if you will answer this. Are you most married? I will try & come down to Frederick next Winter. I received the other day a letter from my dear friend Jennie Ritchen of Clarke County. I am anxious to see her. Tell my sister that she is very bashful about writing since she is married. Well I must close- please excuse this miserable letter & return me a letter next mail.

Truly your sincer friend,

W.H.H. Frenger

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