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Augusta County: J. [Melaor?] Peague to Matthew Pilson, August 15, 1859

J. Peague writes Matthew Pilson recommending a certain Mr. Greenlee for an unspecified teaching position. Peague attests to Mr. Greenlee's moral character.

Aug. 15. 1857

Mr. Pilson Dear Sir

According to agreement, I inform you with pleasure that Mr. Greenlee will certainly teach the next session.

And I am candid in recommending him to your patronage as both a gentleman + a Christian who I believe will be faithful in the moral and mental culture of those confided to his charge. For particulars see notices in Gazelle + Cen. Presbyterian


J. Melaor Peague

P.S. My kind regards, if you please to each of your family. J. P.

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