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Augusta County: William L. Ramsey to Matthew Pilson, May 17, 1861

William Ramsey writes Matthew Pilson to thank him for his donation of ten dollars for their Sabbath school. Ramsey also mentions the departure of their minister, Reverend Lawson, leaving their region with only one minister, a Mr. Thomas, who originally delivered the money from Matthew Pilson.

May 17th/61

Big Thin Creek

Dear Sir:

I write to acknowledge the receipt of ten dollars from yourself for our Sabbath School at Bethel through Rev. Mr. Thomas. It is a very acceptable gift indeed and we tender you the thanks of the Sabbath School.

Mr. Thomas desires me to say that as he did not visit us soon after his return home the money was not then paid. He however requested Rev. Mr. Lawson to hand it to us but he knowing that we would not need it untill Spring did pay it then. It is as well perhaps that we did not receive it untill now owing to the irregularity of the mails we might have lost it in sending for books.

Mr. Lawson has gone to Pa, and we are without any minister except Mr. Thomas in this region.

Yours Truly

Wm L Ramsey

Mr. M. Pilson

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