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Augusta County: James R. McCutchan to His Sister [Margaret?], [no date]

James R. McCutchan's letter to his sister discusses his health, the rough conditions in camp, and mentions the names of several new recruits.

Dear Sister

I commenced writing to Rate & intented to leave more room for yours but it seemed like I could'nt get Rates done any sooner. I am sorry your health is not improving more. My health is very good. I have improved very much since I came here. I have had the dysentery, & the cold since I came but I think the dysentery was a benefit to me. You said you would like to send me something good to eat, well I would like to have something god. Some little "one makes" I mean. I get plenty of meat and bread & coffee but I am getting tired of it all the time. I have'nt eat off a table or slept in a bed for a month.

If I was to sit down to a table well filled with good things now, I expect I would kill myself eating, no doubt at any rate, but that I would pitch into every thing with my fingers, for I have hardly eaten with a knife & fork since I left home.

There are 8 in my mess, & we have but one fork, & you know the foremost man always gets it.

John Berry left for home the other day, he went off & did'nt tell a man in the company good bye. We have several late recruits Ress Kerr, Wm. Wiseman, Henry Wiseman, Fred Alinger, John Montgomery & Mordecai Smith. Adkins that used to live in Middlebrook is here with the Mississippi troops. But I must stop this time. I will write more next time. Write soon. Kiss all the children.

I am as ever your affectionate brother

J. R. McCutchan

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