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Augusta County: William Kinney to Alexander H. H. Stuart, November 30, 1852

Kinney relates to Stuart legal matters in Staunton, the election of "Mr. Toms" to "cashier," the upcoming appointment for "Marshall for the Western District of Virginia." Also asks about rumor he heard that Stuart was contemplating buying a farm near Washington, D. C.

W.m. Kinney
Staunton Staunton

30th: Nov. 1852

Dear Stuart.

I have been wishing and intending to write you for some time past, but Courts Banks & c. have interposed to prevent my carrying it out. our Superior Court is just about to adjourn the Judge being compelled to leave in the morng: to attend the District or intermediate Court of appeals, which meets tomorrow at Charlottesville. the whole of our Term has been occupied with criminals, four have been convicted, one a hung jury in, and one acquited, one of the four convicted has a motion [unclear: depending] for a new trial, which the judge is to decide this morng: not a civil common law case was tried, some few chancery cases were disposed of. The court will adjourn to the 31st Jany: when an extra term will be held extending if necessary to the 1st March.

We have been beset with troubles and difficulties about our Cashier on the day we were to elect one the friend of Mr. Jns. Wayt of Waynesboro: placed him in nomination tho a very worthy man, I could not think him for many reasons suited to the place, but his friends Col Crawford, Wm A Bell, & J B. Breckinridge pressed his claims most earnestly. Messrs Price, Eskridge & myself those of Handsen, [unclear: Clerk]

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& [unclear: Court] chose of Mr. Toms. after serious ballotings, finding we could make no choice between them, Eskridge placed the name of N. K. Trout in nomination, which after two ballots resulted in his election by a vote of 7 to 1. I voting against him for Handsen, he not having been consulted he asked he might be allowed a few days to make up his mind, which was allowed, and he finally declined his relatives old Mr. Stribling, Doct. L. S. Nichols, Jeff & myself all being opposed to his accepting. So contest came on again, between the three first named candidates, and resulted as before, being divided as at first & we adjourned over to Thursday last in order that we might learn Sheffeys views, which we did. Toms was his first & Handsen his second choices. we met again and after two ballots, it resulted in the unanimous election of Toms. Handsen I preferred to any other on various accounts, some of which you & me spoke of when in Washington, but it seemed as th'o some Gentleman who he had expected to have voted for him, would not go for him, finding this to be the case I finally voted for Tom's, who I have every reason to believe will make us an excellent Cashier, he has been with us for several days & all seem to be much pleased with him, we set out tomorrow for Washington, Alexandria & York & will probably see you I have requested him to see [unclear: Chall ]Brothers & [unclear: Selden] & Co. we have to elect

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a clerk on Saturday, thus far we have poor materials out of which to choose.

There was some little dissatisfaction expressed by some few individuals on the first announcement of the appointment of Marshall for the Western District of Virginia, but it appeared in a measure to have died away, but the effort is now being made to get up excitement about it, and to put in a thorough bred Loco. It is represented that Ambler was not a resident of the Western District, that you could find no man in it fit for the office, & had to go to the Eastern District & to a County that have wished a Marshall for the E. District. they say he was living in Fauq & carrying on a cheese factory. that all Mr. Mason influence cannot and shall not save him. Letcher & Judge Kenney were here yesterday quite [unclear: wrathy] on the occasion. I said to Letcher I had heard that Dr Graham would be a prominent candidate for the office he replied he did not know, said Genl D B Layne was the most so he thought, you may rest assured powerful efforts will be make to defeat Ambler. The office is a good one & many want it.

Taylor got home last night & improved a good deal on his trip. he tells me you are talking of purchasing a farm near Washington, I hope with no view to a residence. old Mr [deleted: ] yesterday said you was going to Balto: to [deleted: ], as that. I hope she is mistaken & that we shall have you back among us in March.

The health of Staunton is now pretty good. we have had some right severe weather, but to-day is pleasant.

The Judge has refused the new trial.

With my best respects to Mrs. Stuart & the family of Harper

Very Respectfully & truly

Wm Kinney

P.S. Rich Jos Wood adm to whom the money for the sale of the Ballards negro is coming is very pressing for it. I have mentioned it to Young several times. I told Robert I expected it would certainly be paid during this Court. Let me hear from you about it.

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