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Augusta County: S. G. Haven to Alexander H. H. Stuart, October 8, 1857

Haven discusses Virginia politics, predicting that Stuart will help lead the Virginia State Legislature in "Open Warfare" between the "Wise & Hunter factions."

Oct 8, 1857


My Dear Sir

I was very agreeably surprized a few days since by the arrival of your very good letter of the 15: of Sept. there has not certainly a week gone by since I wrote you last, but I have thought of you, and should have written you long since, but for thinking that you must be utterly disgusted with any thing which would recal to your mind our fruitless labor of last year.

I am rejoiced to hear you have so well recovered your health, and I trust in the approaching Session of your legislature you will not only maintain it & enjoy yourself, but have it in such abundance as to Enable you to make your Enemies unhappy. I have no doubt you have it in your power to do great good in

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political life still. And I am by no means Sure that there is a better or more effective place to do it in than the legislature of the Old dominion Skillfully managed by you, the Wise & Hunter factions, will to a large extent embark in Open Warfare I cannot tell you much of politics in this section, there is almost a torpor I have no choice between the democrats & Republicans. The former is made up of the foreign voters here & the latter, partly in the Same way & partly of the very dishonest men amongst our native born citizens. The Americans have a most worthy State ticket in this State, men of known purity & weight of character, but there Seems a very great lethargy on the subject of politics this year, the natural result of a reactio & [unclear: evolution] of feeling, from so high an

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Excitement of last year Today the Chances are in favor of the Republicans carrying the State, but the battle has yet got to be set in array, before results can be foretold. Perhaps the result of the Struggle in Kansas, and a full opening of Congress is necessary to give any form whatever, to the future.

I anticipate some shoals & quicksand in the way of Mr Buchanan

Mr. Fillmore is very well, and very contented apparently. I regret however that he is in no active pursuit. I think Employment would be a benefit to him. His Eyes have troubled him during the Summer more or less, but for Several months they have been improving

Judge Hall is quietly discharging his duties upon the bench, and I

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believe all your acquaintances in Buffalo are on excellent terms with themselves and all the rest of mankind. For myself I am deeply in the practice of my profession and have spent no so happy Six months Since I left it, as I have Since my return last March We have an immense concourse of people here at our State fair. I wish you were amongst them the weather is unusually pleasant and the Exhibition Shows great Enterprize. I presume there will be 75,000 people on the grounds today. Mr. Escott makes his address to morrow.

Mr. Fillmore Judge Hall & Mrs Hall are much flattered by your remembrance of them, and would Each be almost as glad to take you by the hand as would

Yours Most Truly

SG. Haven

Write me when you can Hon. A.H.H. Stuart

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