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Augusta County: William Kinney to Alexander H. H. Stuart, October 24, 1857

Kinney reports Virginia state senate race results and asks Stuart to write a few essays for publication on "the subject of the Tariff."

24 Oct. 57


Dear Stuart

Our senate race came off yesterday and excited but little interest here or in the county, so little, that we have heard the result but from one precenct (th'o it is now, 12:06, am)
The vote at Ct House was as follows
Sheffey for senate.. 199 Mt. Sidney....44
Baylor " ".. 141..." 23
Peyton 162......35
Imboden 141.....14
Walker 130.....69
Harris 118......14
Abney 127......24
Report says Peyton was ahead at Waynesboro @ 4 O'Clock, the impression seems to be that Sheffey, Peyton & Walker are elected, th'o I think it by no means certain, you see Baylor [illeg.] Sheffey at Ct House close, the reason was, that Sheffey could not command the entire Whig vote. This is a severe blow upon Ichabod [unclear: alapod] Imboden if any two tolerably popular Whigs had run against him, he would have been distanced--he is very distasteful to the leading Whigs of the County, and the Charlottesville Convention did a very silly thing in making him the Whig elector for this Senatorial District, I fear he is not able to cope with Skinner

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And Summers ought to be here before elections to heal the distractions or devisions in the Whig ranks and make up for Imbodens deficiencies--he is now stumping it little [illeg.]. Banks was here yesterday and says his prospects there are very encouraging--He named several conspicuous Democrats in that region that would support him in preference to little Iam--Summers has promised us he would try and be here & address this People before the election. Hozd's friends in South West are a good deal chafed [unclear: I suspect] at Iam's beating him in the convention here.

My main object however in writing you now is, to suggest the propriety of some articles being prepared at Washington by yourself or some one who understands the subject appealing to the young Farmers & Mechanics on the subject of the Tariff, which indeed is now the most important issue between the parties, putting the Whigs in contrast with the pauper laborer of Europe, I think a few well written plain essays on that subject would have a powerful effect. The Democrats here are making strong appeal; to the new voters, and nothing it seems to me is doing to counter act their efforts. I am so harrassed with family cases and anxieties, that really my mind is in such a condition that I am almost unfit for business

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and that I shall be very much occupied all next month [illeg.] Circuit Court. I [illeg.] to find [illeg.] Jno Davis [illeg.] he made in Senate of U S States contrasting the pauper laborers of Europe with the free white laborer of U S States with a view of publishing some extracts from it, but could not find it.

We have delightful weather now. I saw your little daughters day before yesterday & Mrs Baldwin passed my office about an hour since, so I presume all are well.

Excuse my hasty scrawl and let me hear from you as of't as you can & believe me to be

With all respect & esteem
Truly yr friend

Wm Kinney

P.S. [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] Chapman say to him [illeg.] write to him as soon as Mr Craig, [illeg.] from Nelson, which he is [illeg.] to do by [illeg.]. My respects Mrs S. by [illeg.]

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