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Freedmen's Bureau Records: Thomas P. Jackson to John A. McDonnell, August 28, 1867

Jackson asks after Hannah Collins, the wife of David Collins, from whom he has not heard since she left to visit family in Winchester. McDonnell's attached endorsement reports that Hannah Collins is now living with another man in Winchester.

Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands,
Office 4th Division, 9th Sub-District, Virginia Capt. John A. McDonnell
Sub Asst Comr

Aug 28 1867

Staunton, Va.


David Collins (c) asks that enquiry be made at Winchester for his wife Hannah Collins (Reed) who left Staunton in September 1866, with the intention of visiting her mother [unclear: Larmia] Smith (c) at Winchester since which time nothing has been heard of her David & Hannah are Registered (No 632) as husband & wife and he is anxious to hear where she is and if alive that she return to her home at West View.

David has made enquiry himself without success and is not able to make the journey to Winchester.

Yr. obt sevt

Thos P Jackson

Bureau R.F. & A.L., HeadQrs 9th Sub Dist. Va, Winchester, Va. Aug. 31/67
Respectfully returned to Mr. Thos. P. Jackson, Agent. Hannah Collins is now here living with George W. Grey, col'd, as his wife.
John A. McDonnell, Capt. & SAC

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