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Freedmen's Bureau Records: Garrick Mallery to Orlando Brown, April 30, 1867

Garrick Mallery submits a copy of excerpts of John McDonnell's District report. The excerpts concern the compilation of marriage registers and the apparent lack of appropriate forms for such purposes.

Bureau Refugees, Freedmen and A.L.
Office Sub Asst Comr, 9th District, Va Bvt. Brig. Gen'l. O. Brown
Asst. Comr, State of Virginia
Richmond, Va.

April 30th 1867

Winchester, Va


In accordance with Circular No. 5, dated Bureau R.F. & A. Lands, Head Quarters, Asst. Commissioner, State of Va, Richmond, Va, March 27th, 1867, I have visited the Counties comprising the 9th Dist, Va, and have the honor to make the following report.


Counties of Frederick and Clark

"A Register of Marriages has been commenced in Frederick County, but want of blanks prevents its completion. In Clark County, nothing has yet been done in the matter, but will as soon as practicable."

Counties of Warren and Page

"No register of Marriages has yet been made in either county, and no blanks were ever furnished for that purpose."

Shenandoah and Rockingham Co's

"A register of Marriages has been made for both counties, but not on the Bureau blanks, which have not been furnished."

Augusta and Highland Co's.

"A complete register of Marriages has been made for the County of Augusta, but not on the Bureau blanks. As yet no Register has been made for Highland County."

Respectfully submitted

(signed) John A. McDonnell
Capt V.R.C.
Sub. Asst. Comr.

Official copy furnished for the information of Bvt. Maj. Geo. White, Chf QM &c and for report as to the reason why the blanks have not been furnished.
Garrick Mallery
Capt 43d Infty, A.A.A.G.
Richmond, Va
6th May. 1867

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