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Freedmen's Bureau Records: Priscilla Marshall to Orlando Brown, April 4, 1866

Priscilla Marshall provides testimony on her behalf to Brown to support her claim that three of her children were taken by Confederate soldiers during the war. Based on the letter and evidence of previous correspondence with Brown, two of her children may currently be in the care of the Virginia Freedmen's Bureau.

Col. O. Brown

April 4th 1866

Antrim Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Your communication of 17th March has just reached me in answer to your request I send you the following.

We the undersigned citizens of Antrim TP Franklin Co. Pennsylvania do certify that we are personally acquainted with Priscilla Marshall (col'd) and that an armed Rebel force claiming to be under the command of Gen'l Jenkins of the Rebel army in the year 1863 did by force take three of said Marshall's children named respectively Rosa, Sallie, and Jack and from your correspondence we believe the two last named are in your care.

Wm C McKnight
Sarah B Beattey
Andrew Davison
James Davison
Samuel Gearhart
John L. [unclear: Lutshan]

The above signers are near neighbors the children will know most if not all of them should this not be satisfactory I can furnish any amount of testimony to losing the children and they being taken by the Rebels

Please address as formerly Greencastle Franklin Co. Pa and state where the children will be sent.

Your obt servant

Priscilla Marshall

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