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Freedmen's Bureau Records: Albert Ordway to Orlando Brown, February 1, 1866

Ordway writes about the letter of Priscilla Marshall, from Franklin County, Pennsylvania, concerning her missing children.

HdQrs Dept. of Va.
Office of the Provost Marshal General,
[deleted: Armies operating against Richmond, Va.] Bvt. Brig. Gen'l. O. Brown
Asst. Comr. etc. etc.

Feby. 1 1866

Richmond, Va.


From my letter book it appears that the letter concerning the two colored children for whom I advertised was written by Mrs. P. Marshall, Antrim Township, Franklin Co. Pennsylvania -- their Mother who stated that the children were carried off by some rebel soldiers. I have not the original letter on file as it was returned through Gen. Smith's office, July 5, '65

Very resp'y
Your obd't. servant

Albert Ordway
Col. & Prov. Maj. Gen'l.

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