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Franklin County: Samuel Z. Maxwell to His Aunt and Cousin, October 1, 1863

Samuel Maxwell enlisted as a private in the 126th Pa. in 1862. At that time he was 21 years old. He later was transferred to the 21st Pa. Cav., and this letter to his aunt and cousin, dated October 1, 1863, describes his life since joining the Union Army.

Aunt and Cousin

Thursday Oct. the 1st, 1863

Head Quarters Comp D 21st Pa Caval

Aunt & Cousin

No doubt it will be quite surprising to you, to receive this from me as I am not in the habbit of writing often to you. I have made different attempts to write you since I was at "Mechaicsburg" in "June" but have always failed to get through. This morning I am going to make another one, hoping that I may be sucessful, at least, in writing you a short letter, long ones, I don't often write.

I left you rather sudenly, but as I had a chuce of riding I thought I had better make use of it.

You remember it was raining very hard at the time I left. After getting to "Carlisle" we had some distance to walk before getting to a "Hotel," and by-the-way had to cross a stream of water, the foot-log being washed away, by the flow of water, caused by the heavy rain. you may depend I was not a little wet when evening came.

Did you get your [illeg.]. I gave it to one of your neighbours who said he would be kind enough to give it to you.

The next time I come to see you I hope I may not have to leave you in the way I did then.

In a few days after coming herre our Company started to "Harrisburg" where we received our equipments and were mustered into the "U.S." Service for the period of six months, three of which have almost gone.

We have fine times where we are now. I am well and have been, since enlisting.

When I last heard from home they were all well. I get there occasionally to see them, I expect to get home at the time of the election, so as to give A.G.C. my little help -

I hope this may find you all well, as well as all of my friends in and about Mechanicsburg.

Remember me to all of [unclear: Litzels] and all relatives and friends and accept this as

from your Relative

S. Z. Maxwell

I forgot to say that we are quartered at Gettysburg Pa doing Provost duty. I would be pleased to hear from you

Address Comp D 21st Pa Cavalry Gettysburg Penna

Excuse all

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