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Franklin County: Jeremiah T. Cooper to Lieutenant G.D. Schott, June 6, [1862]

Cooper writes to a Lieutenant about his injuries and about the possible deaths of other soldiers in a recent battle.

To Lieut G.D. Schott

June 6th

Mount Pleasant Hospital Washington

Respected Friend

I take my Pen In Hand to Pen you a Few Lines to Let you How I am Getting along I Have Got Over the Fever Pretty Well But I Have Got the Rheumatism Pretty Bad I Hope this Will Find you In Good Health after that terable Battle that Has Taken Place In Which they Say Caseys Division Is all Cut to Pieces Which I Hope Is Not True

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So I Felt Anxious to Kow If there has any of My Comrades Fallen on the Bloody Field of Battle I Have Wrote two Letters to James Since I Came here But Got No Answer from Him So I Did Not know Who to Write to But you For I Have Confidence In you If you Get this Letter you Will Answer It Let me know If James Is Sick or If there Is anything Happened him and If there Has Let me know If there Is any Letters Send them to me the Boys are all Getting Better Norvel D. Go. Started home on Furlough to Day Sam Hamilton Died a Few Days ago

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I Hope When this Letter Reaches you that the Army of the Potomac Will Be In Richmond I will now Bring my Letter To a Close Nothing more at Present But I Remain

your Sincere friend

J. T. Cooper

Direct your Letter
Mount Pleasant
Hospital Washington D.C.
Please to Write By Return Mail as I am very Anxious to Hear from the Boys Give them all my Best Respects to them all and Reserve a Good Portion For Yourself To George D. Schott

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