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Franklin County: James A. Harman to Martin W. Carman, December 17, 1862

Lieutenant James Carman writes to his father Martin W. Carman about the Battle of Fredericksburg, the lateness of his pay, and his desire to resign from the army.

Wednesday Dec 17th 1862

Camp on the Rappahannock Va

Dear Farther

I received Your letter of the 23rd of Nov. I was glad to hear from You, and that You were all well. But Farther Since I received Your letter there has been another great battle over the river I was in it and came out unhurt in deed I have escaped Wonderfully. Although there was but one Officer in our regiment Wounded Oour Brigade was in the fight all day until 3 Oclock. I think it was the greatest Battle of the war, there was two hundred thousand troop on each Side, our loss is heavy, about twelve thousand in Killed wounded and missing. Our line of Battle was 7 miles in lenght. "Just to think of it."

Farther, I never want to get into another battle it is terrible Persons falling all around me. if I ever trusted in God I did that time the fight was on last Saturday the 13rd" inst We went over the river the 12th. The rebels have too Strong a point there to rout them as they have all the hills and have breastworks thrown up, so it is impossible to whip them behind their works consequently we have fell back on this side of the river. The 107th" done its duty like men it has great praise for its gallantry.

Farther, I Saw the Safe Harbor boys Pickel & Cline Young's son Just a few days before the Battle. it is Said the reserves lost greatly in the fight I have not seen them since. The Weather is now getting very cold the army is Suffering on account of the cold We layed out in the open fields and woods without tents or eny other Shelter for nearly one week before the Battle on frost and snow Whilst the Stay at home party were enjoyin their good

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warm beds. I wish we had them down here with us for one week they would be Satisfied.

Farther if my resignation would be exceped I would resign right away but there has been some half dozen Sent in from our regiment but they were all sent back but one. therefore it is no use for me to try it. My hopes we will go into winter quarters about the first of the Year. our Paymaster has never Shown his face Yet. it is two bad on the first of January there will be six months pay due me ($600.63.) I think the next muster we will get it which is on the 1st of January.

I am enjoying good health but I would Sooner be at home I feel now that I have done my duty and would like to See Some others do theirs.

I received a letter from Margaret with her likeness a week or two ago. also one from William & Sarah. I have not received none from Francis Since You wrote I will write to him again prehaps he does not get my letters. I direct them as I did always.

Give my love to Susan Cornelius & all the rest and if I can get home I assure You I will come. Hoping You all are well

I remain ever
your son

J. A. Harman, Lieut, Co. E. 107th" Regt, P Vols

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