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Franklin County: W. H. McDowell to Thaddeus Stevens, November 24, 1863

Desires a job in Washington and the release of his son from a Rebel prison.

Thaddeus Stevens

November 24, 1863


Hon. T. Stevens:

I expect to start to Washington in the Second day of Dec. to try and get some petition there the present winter. I am acquainted with very few of the Congrefs men. And as the member from this district is rather hard, I take the liberty of writing to you hoping to have your influence and acceptance. I would not try for any protection or be willing to be separated from my family, if it was not a matter of necessity. I have suffered severely by Stewarts raid in October 1862. And also by the last invasion of the Rebel army. And last, though not least, I wish

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to be in Washington to try and if possible to get my son released, or be able to minister to his wants. He in connection with eight other of our citizens, were taken prisoners by the Rebel army on there retreat from the battle of Gettysburg. My son had been in the nine months service, and had been discharged a few weeks previous to the Rebel invasion, and was making arrangements to again enter the service, and for which I am anxious for his freedom.

Any thing you could do for me would be thankfully recd.

Respectfully Yours

W. H. McDowell

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