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Franklin County: John T. McIlheny to Thaddeus Stevens, February 15, 1864

Details a property transfer involving Stevens.

Head Quarters of Provost Marshal
Sixteenth District, Penn.
Chambersburg, , 186 . Thaddeus Stevens

Feb 15, 1864

Hon. T. Stevens
Dear Sir,

Yours of 7th inst has just reached me. Hines has had so many interests' to consult that he was unable to give me a definite answer at once. I can say now that I will take your interest in the property at nine hundred dollars ($900) and am going on to make my arrangements for the above. Make me out a deed for your part immediately - transferring to me the rents, taxes, etc., for the coming year. I presume there can be no doubt

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the title. I will expect you to make over to me the property, inc luding insurances and all the privileges you have. There is but little time between this and the 1st, and I desire speedy action. In regard to payments you can arrange to suit yourself. After the transfer is properly made I can either send you a draft, or meet you here or in Gettysburg abou the 1st of April.

Yours very respectfully

Jno. T. McIlheny
Col. [illeg.]
Gettysburg Pa

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