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Franklin County: W. Hammett to Thaddeus Stevens, April 23, 1864

Requests a Naval Ordinance Manual for his nephew and inquires into his meeting with Ahl about Caledonia.

Thaddeus Stevens

Apl 23, 1864

Elwood Iron Works

Dear Sir

My Nephew W Hammett desired me ask you if you would please send him a Naval Ordinance Manual if you can conveniently get him one direct it to him on the Gun Boat Key West Cairo Ill from Cario it will be sent by the mail boat to the Gun boat where ever it may be Has Mr. Ahl been to see you since I last wrote to you, from the way he talked to me coming down the rail road I thought that he still had some idea of Caledonia.

Hope your health is improving

I remain your friend

W. Hammett

Hon Thaddeus Stevens

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