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Franklin: John Smith to unknown, March 22 1863

Smith asks if his grandmother might send some money and mentions that he heard his family was well. He also mentions a recent cavalry raid, noting that he missed it because he was on guard duty. Finally, Smith sends his regards to Leah Brame--recently married--and he admits that he wishes she was still single (he finds solace in the fact that her sisters still may be).

March 22 nd 1863

Camp of the 16th Pa. Cav.

Dear Friends

I received your letter 20 th of this Month and I was very glad to here from you all and [deleted: s] [deleted: and] and still well and hardy and I hope these few lines will find you enjoying the same health and happiness and further I will write you this letter but wether you will get it [illeg.] not for I have no post stamp but I hope you will get it and if not its no great loss but I tell you soldiers have to do the best way they can there is A great many ways getting through the [unclear: world]

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but if A body has [unclear: money] he can allways get along better and you said that Grandmother would send me some if knowed I would get it I dont like to as for money but indeed it would come verry handy and if she will send me a little money I'll run the risk of it going lost

And further I will let you no that our Cavalry made A successful rade across the Rappahannock our Riegament was in the fight but I wasent [unclear: in] I was left on guard but I suppose you seen it in the paper; so its no use in me telling you further I had A letter from home yesterday and

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they are all well and they have Meeting to morrow and I am verry sorry to here that Leah Brame is Married I thought would get her after the war is over but thats all nothing now Oh well old Brame has A few more perhaps I can get one of them yet and if you see her [deleted: th] tell her that I wish her all the luck the world can aford well she done verry well to get A man these times I thought the young men was all in the army

So I think I will close for this hopeing the war may soon be over and I can come and see you

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So no more at this present [deleted: ] time hopeing these few lines may find you all in good helth so give my best respects to all who inquires

from your affectionate friend

John Smith

John Smith
Co. [illeg.] 16th Pa. Cav. Washington
Answer soon

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