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Franklin County: H. W. Freedley to Probably Doctor Joseph Hiester, June 22, 1863

Freedley describes uneasy times, as the Union forces seem anxious for an outright clash with Confederates.

Headquarters 2d Div., (Rgular) 5th Corps, H. P., Camp

June 22 d 1863

Infty Near Ashby's Gap

Dear Doctor

Our Division is here near Aldie and I don't think that the Comdg Genl knows where the main rebel army is. I am having quite exciting times hunting Mosby who is picking up stragglers in every direction. A cavalry reconnoisance has just returned, having driven the enemy to Ashby's Gap. captured three guns and about 100 prisoners. I have

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taken advantage of this opportunity to write you a line please answer as I have had much anxiously - on account of yourself and family. I sincerely hope the rebels have not molested you in your quiet home at Milmont Remember me most kindly to your family We have no mails and I have recd no letters for ten days. I hope that we may soon drive the enemy from the border
Kindest regards to Maria,

In Haste
Truly Your Friend

H. W. Freedley

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