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Franklin County: H. W. Freedley to Probably Doctor Joseph Hiester, July 19, 1863

Freedley tells Dr. Hiester about the leg wound that he received at the battle of Gettysburg.

July 19 th 1863

Gettysburg Penn

Dear Doctor

I have been dangerously wounded in the battle of the 2 [added: d] inst I am as yet unable to be moved I am shot in the left knee. The wound is a serious one and will deprive me of the use of the joint for a long time if the joint is not altogether destroyed I am at the house of D Wills Esq and receive every attention

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Write to me here I fear we will never play billiards together again.

I have written to you several times but presume you did not know where to reply.

Remember me kindly to Maria & Mr Hiester


H W Freedley

P.S. Do not let Maria know I am so badly wounded

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