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Franklin County: Joseph Hiester to Joseph Hiester's wife, July 27, 1863

Having arrived in Gettysburg to care for H. W. Freedley, Dr. Joseph Hiester tells of Freedley's wound and condition.

Mrs Mr Hiester

Monday July 27th


Dear Wife

I have been nursing Freedley for two days and he appears to be doing well. The pain has been less I think since I have been here He is lying on a hair mattress on the floor of Mr Wills' parlor I bought a set of Bed Springs and a mattress in Phild a which will make him a much better bed. He seemed much pleased by this attention. He telegraphed and wrote repeatedly since he was wounded - but, as you know, he never received them I mean he got others to do it.

He made many inquiries about you, and thought it very brave to stay in the house as you did with the Rebels about. I am

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having a Mosketo net made to keep off the Flies. This wound is from a sound bullet through the head of the leg Bone the large part of the Bone just below the knee joint. It may stiffen the joint partly, for a while, but I think finally he will have the use of it.

It will take a long time however for him to have a tolerable use of his leg.

He desires to be kindly remembered. I shall give him Maria's letter this Evening.

I am staying at McClelland Hotel, where I once stopped with you and Maria going to Caledonia Springs. I have not yet had a scrape of a Pen from home. This goes to Chambs this afternoon

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and if you have not do so at once. but don't try to telegraph as the charge is simply an Extortion which no one should countenance. That is unless something occurs to make it an imperative necessity. I will stay with F a few days longer - with love to all

I am affely your Husband

Joseph Hiester

If you get this in a few days, direct here.

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